OH CRAP: After 20 Straight Weeks Of Yanking Funds, mum & Pop Are Getting Back Into Mutual Funds

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Just when you were starting to feel good about this rally.From Dan Greenhaus at BTIG:

Elsewhere, we wanted to point out a bit of good news. Following 20 consecutive weeks of outflows, domestic equity funds actually saw an inflow in the most recent week according to data from ICI.. $753 million was added to funds in the week of January 11th, albeit a modest amount – $24 billion had been removed in the prior five weeks — but an addition nonetheless. Interestingly, after three weeks of outflows, bond funds saw inflows of $11.3 billion in the same week. We keep an eye on fund flow data to gauge public interest in various sectors and it appears the new year — and a near 20% rally in equities — may be turning sentiment more positive.

The rally HAS to be nearing an end.