Ogilvy Lobbying CEO Is Out After Chevron Fired The Shop Over Ties To Pro-Rainforest Groups

drew maloney

Photo: Wikimedia, CC.

The CEO of Ogilvy Government Relations and two of his top executives have left the Washington, D.C.-based lobbying and PR agency. The chairman left, too.In an unfortunate coincidence, the management churn comes days after Ogilvy lost Chevron, one of its biggest clients, when the oil company discovered that another Ogilvy employee had advised pro-environment groups that opposed Chevron’s pollution of the rainforests of South America. According to Legal Times:

Chris Giblin has replaced Drew Maloney as Ogilvy CEO in advance of his upcoming departure to the Republican National Committee, where he will serve as the external affairs adviser. And Ogilvy senior vice president John O’Neill will join Capitol Counsel, while firm senior vice president Elena Tompkins will establish her own firm, Ogilvy President Gordon Taylor said.

There’s no word on whether the C-suite refreshment had anything to do with this conspiracy theory about Chevron trying to use a $500 million “donation” to an Ecuadorian rainforest group and Ogivy’s Ecuador connections, to weasel its way out of an $18 billion judgment against it for damaging the forests of the Amazon.

The Hill noted:

The departures come from one of K Street’s most successful firms. Ogilvy, which is owned by WPP, earned $19.9 million in lobbying fees for 2011, a 14 per cent jump from their $17.5 million take in 2010. The departures bring Ogilvy’s roster from 14 lobbyists down to 11.

Ogilvy lost some big hitters in 2010 as well.


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