Meet 6 Flickr iPhone Apps That Yahoo Just Killed

Yahoo (YHOO) released the official Flickr app for the iPhone today, one of three new Yahoo apps for Apple’s phone. The Flickr app allows photo and video uploads, and has many features that are available on the Flickr Web site, like browsing photos, search, geotagging and comments.

And now that there’s an official Flickr app — with good initial reviews — the party is likely over for third-party app developers who have spent the last 18 months developing their own Flickr-focused apps. These apps are now likely to lose many of their users, and will have a hard time making new sales.

These include:

Mobile Fotos: This app costs $2.99. A feature it has, which is not yet available on the official Flickr app, is the ability to pinch photos to zoom in. 

Darkslide: This app is available free, or a premium, no-ads version costs $3.99. This app allows users to upload photos at 50% or 75% compression, a feature unavailable on the Flickr app. (But probably not a common use.)

Flickit: This free app is similar to the Flickr app and other Flickr-based apps. One edge it has over them is the ability to upload photos in batches. (Something Flickr could add.)

Flickup ($1.99), Flickr sendr (free) and Reflections ($4.99): These apps are similar, with features like geotagging, comments, search, etc. and interfaces similar to each other and the Flickr app.

A feature that all the above apps have that’s lacking in the official Flickr app is integration with Twitter. But Flickr could easily add that and Facebook integration in the next edition. (Or Twitter clients could push photos into Flickr via its API.)

And one small advantage for the official Flickr app: An “email photo” option just like the one on the iPhone photo gallery app. Users can click on a photo on a Flickr album and an “email photo” option pops up. The photo is emailed as an attachment, and not a link like in some other apps.

Considering the iPhone is the most popular camera phone among Flickr users — and the no. 2 camera overall — it’s a no-brainer that Yahoo developed an app for it. If anything, we’re surprised it took them so long.

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