Officials In China Have Been Ordered To Stop Planning Lavish Funerals

Xi Jinping-ChinaGetty/pool

Officials in China have been told to stop planning lavish funerals which are used to show off wealth and connections, according to state-run media reports.

A wave of reforms are being ushered through the echelons of power in China, aimed at cutting down on graft and waste.

Part of this push for austerity, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency, will be simpler funerals.

According to the report, cited by The ABC, there is concern some officials are using funerals as a “platform to show off wealth and connections”,

Funerals, under the edict, will “set an example with simple, civilised ceremonies”, Xinhua reported.

It was also suggested that officials donate their organs after they die, and chose to be cremated rather than buried.

Gravestones are also now expected to not exceed “set standards”, and officials can’t take “condolence money” from funeral guests.

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