The Official Cronut Recipe Is Finally Out, And It's Incredibly Complicated

Dominique Ansel was vaulted to fame last year after his cronuts — a combination of a croissant and doughnut — became a viral sensation.

Now the celebrity chef has released his new cookbook, “Dominque Ansel: The Secret Recipes,” and we can finally learn how to make his delicious invention.

Good Morning America was granted exclusive access to the recipe, which is incredibly complicated with over 120 minutes of cooking time for a result that only makes eight servings.

No wonder no one’s been able to recreate it.

First you must prepare the pastry dough, which has 13 ingredients and requires nine cooking utensils including ring cutters, a deep-frying thermometer, and a stand mixer with dough hook.

Two days before cooking the cronut, Ansel makes the pastry dough, a “butter block,” and one of the special cronut ganaches (with flavours like champagne-chocolate, vanilla rose, and whipped lemon). The next day is dedicated to rolling and folding the dough.

And then it’s finally the day of when you can cut, fry, glaze, and assemble your cronut. The level of difficulty for these absurdly addictive pastry? “Extreme.”

No kidding. Head over to ABC News to see the entire, complicated recipe.

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