An office worker wore his GoPro camera to work one day and turned his 9-5 into a high-octane 'commercial' for the brand

Reddit user brazilliandanny decided to breathe some life into his “boring office job” one day by documenting a typical day at work using his GoPro camera.

The result, first spotted by Adweek, is a brilliant parody GoPro commercial (the video-maker points out several times on Reddit that he was not paid by GoPro to make the clip) that turns monotonous, menial office tasks like sticking stamps onto envelopes, filing documents, photocopying, and even visiting the bathroom into an exhilarating ride akin to the kind of action videos that populate the official GoPro channel.

brazilliandanny says the camera was mostly placed on his chest, although he fixed it on his head for some of the envelope shots, and used a small stand for some others.

He explained the process: “[The office is]a Real Estate [sic] firm. A lot of people are out with clients. I also waited till it got quiet to film the printer/bathroom/kitchen stuff. My worst fear was walking into the bathroom with a gopro [sic] on my chest and seeing someone at the urinal like WTF dude?”

The video has already proved extremely popular, with more than 4,500 upvotes on Reddit, and more than 800,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

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