Mindy Kaling Reveals Delightful Character Names From “The Office” Guest Star Extravaganza

mindy kaling

“The Office” plans to ease our Steve Carell separation anxiety by peppering the rest of the season’s episodes with fun guest stars.

(This is also how they’re keeping us guessing about who will run Dunder Mifflin in the wake of Michael Scott’s departure.)

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that Will Ferrell would play a temp manager named Deangelo Vickers.

Today, executive producer Mindy Kaling (who also plays Kelly on the show) tweeted the names the whimsical writers have come up with for each guest star.

Catherine Tate‘s name is “Nellie Bertrum.” Will Arnett‘s name is “Fred Henry.” Ray Romano‘s name is “Merv Bronte.” And James Spader‘s fit-for-a-porn-star name is “Robert California.”

Ferrell — the first of the guest stars — starts his run on the show this Thursday.