Go Inside The Gorgeous Offices Of Jessica Alba's Billion-Dollar Nappy Company

Honest company office tourMadeline Stone / Business InsiderThe kitchen area at the Honest Company.

The Honest Company is a Los Angeles-based startup that makes household products with a conscience.

Founded by actress Jessica Alba, ShoeDazzle founder Brian Lee, and friends Christopher Gavigan and Sean Kane in 2011, the company focuses on creating baby and household goods that use only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Earlier this year, the Honest Company announced it had raised $US70 million in Series C funding at a nearly $US1 billion valuation. There’s also reportedly an IPO in the works.

We recently stopped by the startup’s office to get a feel for its culture. We couldn’t help but agree with our guide that the space looked just like a Pinterest page that had come to life.

The Honest Company is headquartered in beautiful, sun-filled offices in Santa Monica, California.

Inside, you'll see plenty of Honest products and logos, including this flower wall by the kitchen area.

There's a large common area with long tables where employees can eat lunch.

To one side is a showroom where all of the Honest Company's products are on display.

When Alba, Lee, Gavigan, and Kane started the company in 2011, they had 17 products that were all geared toward the young mother.

'We started the company with this mission of helping to create a nontoxic world,' Lee, who serves as CEO of the Honest Company, told us. 'We strategically decided to go in baby and family first because we knew that was an area of awakening for a lot of mothers, like my own wife.'

Three years later, the company sells about 100 products covering all aspects of the home. 'We wanted to enter with the baby, and we wanted to grow with the family,' Lee said.

Another wall has frames of all of the nappies you can buy from the Honest Company.

The office also has this jungle gym, where the company invites mummy bloggers and their kids to play as they try out the latest Honest product.

One wall has the company's manifesto written all over it.

You'll also find it on staircases leading up to the second floor.

In keeping its commitment to natural ingredients, the design team placed lots of plants around the office.

Once you enter the main office area, you'll see a 'tree of life,' with a picture of each Honest Company employee branching out from the four founders. The company currently employs about 200 people in its Los Angeles headquarters, in addition to 100 more in its Austin office.

Employees sit in groups according to their team.

The customer service team is hard at work upstairs.

This office is very social -- anytime someone finds a cool new restaurant or a place to explore in the neighbourhood, they put it up on this board.

There's a distinctly homey feel throughout the space. Alba, who played a major role in the office design, wanted the conference rooms to feel like living rooms.

You'll notice there's a jar of jelly beans on each table.

Recycled materials are a theme in this office. The table in this conference room was made from reclaimed wood.

The boxes the Honest Company uses to ship its products were also incorporated into the design.

A huge perk of having your startup office in Los Angeles is the great weather all year round. The company built this patio so employees could soak up some sun on their lunch break.

Garage doors open the workspace to the outdoors.

They also have this garden that's powered by recyclable water. Employees are free to take vegetables home to their families.

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