BACKSTAGE PASS: Check Out Lot18, The Startup That Generated Millions Of Dollars In Just 6 Months


There are a lot of flash sale startups, but Lot18 is quickly rising to the top of the stack.

In just six months, it generated millions in monthly revenue. It has more than 200,000 users and that number is growing by 1,000 users per day.

Lot18’s ability to scale quickly attracted investors too; it raised a $10 million Series B round last month.

How are they doing it?

We ducked behind the scenes to see the startup in action.

Lot18 just moved to a larger office on east 32nd street in Manhattan.

Josh Mohrer is our tour guide. He is Lot18's senior director of marketing and business development.

The startup is growing like a weed; conference rooms are already scarce in the new space so Arianna Sharei and Tiffany Luck settle for a meeting on the entranceway couch.

Lot18 is hard at work; no one is playing video games or foosball.

But Lot18 is always ready to party; it has a permanent DJ booth and turntables set up.

Lot18's business is immediately clear to visitors. Hundreds of empty wine bottles stretch the length of the office.

Wine bottles overflow into the kitchen too.

Everyone works side by side among the many bottles. The strategic development team, Andrew Nguyen and Janice Li, is busy back here.

Chief architect Adam Gotterer and web engineer Sameer Khanna sit on the opposite side of the wine wall.

Art Director David Trawin is being a picture perfect employee.

Marketing Manager Maayan Roman turns around to see what's up.

But our camera doesn't phase Ed Brown, Lot18's compliance manager.

Samwoo Ee is Lot18's Creative Director. He has a big job ahead of him with two new verticals, food and spirits, launching this summer.

Elana Effrat is a spirits procurement specialist who's helping Lot18 prepare for the liquor launch. Katherine Ramos is a content editor who writes product reviews.

Web engineers Rob Bottarelli and Arach Tchoupani will also be helping Lot18 launch those sections.

The operations team, Meeta Kapadia and Ed Lynch, are having a pow wow with account manager Sydney Chun.

That's Tom Sansani. He is Lot18's Domestic Winery Relations Manager.

Philip James is a cofounder of Lot18. There's no room for him to have a corner office, so he sits in a corner cubicle instead.

James' ninja knife is actually for opening bottles. There's no explanation for the chain though.

Philip's old corner office is now filled with angry birds as it waits for new hires to occupy the space.

Lot18 shoots all of the wine it sells in house. We catch photographer Henry Dzekian finishing up a shoot.

This pinot noir will soon grace Lot18's site as one of the featured flash sales.

All of the wine is also tasted in house. Lot18's wine specialists, winery managers and product managers get to try lots of bottles every day. They've gone through most of the bottles on that wall rack.

But the tasters are not allowed to swallow. Senior Director of International Wines Rodolphe Boulanger spits out his last sip.

Every time Lot18 sells a bottle, the buyer's location shows up on TVs throughout the office. Sales have been strong too; everyday Lot18 ships out 200-300 cases.

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