OFFICE TOUR: ABC News' NYC Headquarters Is Full Of History

diane sawyerSee where Diane Sawyer briefs her staff before going on-air.

Ever wonder what Diane Sawyer‘s office looks like? What Charles Gibson eats for lunch?In a recent instalment of Mediabistro’s “Cubes”—a web video series that goes behind-the-scenes of office environments—”ABC World News” weekend anchor David Muir gives viewers an inside tour of the famed ABC building.

The property, located on Manhattan’s upper west side, is also home to “Live! with Kelly,” and local New York station WABC.

Forget HBO’s fictitious “Newsroom,” see where Diane Sawyer, along with her countless Emmy statues, call home during the workday.

Welcome to ABC News Headquarters at 66th Street and Columbus Avenue. The 13-floor building is home to 800 employees.

The building is appropriately located on Peter Jennings Way.

Inside, Café 47 is one of ABC's many cafeterias. Much of the food served is locally grown and organic.

And there's even a popcorn machine!

Here is the large ABC newsroom as well as the digital newsroom of, which teamed up with Yahoo last year.

This is president Ben Sherwood's office. He left a nice office higher in the building's executive suites to have his pulse on the newsroom.

This is our tour guide Dave Muir's office. Here he writes his scripts when returning from reporting out in the field.

It is packed with award statues, trip souvenirs and photographs.

And now it's time for Muir to get to work!

Now take another kind of property tour ...

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