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Fab, the design flash sales site, has brought funky art designs and quirky products into millions of homes and it keeps growing.The company recently completed a $40 million round of fundraising and has added new features its site to make it more social. It reached 1 million users in less than 6 months. That’s faster than Facebook by nearly half a year!

We thought it was time for us to check in on Fab and see how its office compares to the carefully curated merchandise offered on its site.

And we were not disappointed – the office, filled with wonderfully wacky knickknacks, odds and ends, is one of the coolest spaces we’ve seen.

We start at 38th and 8th.

Head to 330 38th.

Note the awesome antique letter box in the lobby.

Head up to the Fab office.

And we are in.

A lot of the decorations and items around the office are from the site. Like these David Trubridge lamps.

One of the first things that hits you in the office is the plethora of interesting stuff. These are some of the contemporary art pieces that have been sold on the site.

The company is growing leaps and bounds; it has 50 openings at the moment in case you are looking. Here is one section of the office. This was the first day for the two guys on the end of the table.

Fab also has an office in India. Bradford Shane Shellhammer, a Fab co-founder, picked these cool movie posters up on one of his trips out there.

Here's the banana.

And this could be the box it came in.

The walls were filled with art, posters, maps, and even personal notes! This one was for...

Sheezan Bakali, director of marketing. It also came with cookies, but those were gone already.

Bradford Shane Shellhammer is Fab's co-founder and chief creative officer. He has tons of cool stuff around his desk.

One of his favourite items is this awesome glass model of a rubber ducky.

And around the corner he has a wall with his own art hanging on it.

Across from him sits Jason Goldberg, Fab co-founder and CEO.

The office is full of Fab swag, and almost everybody was rocking these cups.

Between them sits this awesome chandelier.

It uses Plumen light bulbs. Not only do they look good, they also use 80% less energy and last 8 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs.

The office features large windows, and even they have ornaments.

Not sure what the plastic is, but it looks good.

Back around the corner we find the editorial and purchase teams. They figure out what to sell and how to describe it.

This monkey watches over their work.

Always up for off beat design, Fab uses outlets that hang from the ceiling, not in the floor or wall.

The Squeeki Teeki, a colourful dog toy, caught our eye.

Its owner, Taylor Quist, is a Copy Editor on the Editorial team. When coming up with product descriptions he looks at how it is produced, who makes it, what it can be used for, and tries to think of unusual uses that might catch people's attention.

His favourite item in the office is this poster.

Moving along in the office we encountered this beast. A chicken made out of old Fanta wrapping.

The kitchen is simple and functional.

The Jura is a good coffee maker and they have plenty of tea in the pantry.

We also noticed some refreshments for after work.

The board room is filled with these funky red chairs.

And the chalkboard contains the schedule for sales for the next month.

We stopped to talk with Sheerali Jhaveri, a production director. She helps make the sales happen after the buyers pick the products. Her favourite is the Plumen chandelier.

Nearby her a desk is filled with these things.

On our way back to the front we check out their book case.

The office keeps growing and Fab recently took over an additional space on its floor. So we had to head out through the door at the front.

We checked out the operations and supply chain coordinators. But every employee was on the phone.

These really cool plastic phones actually plug in to your real phone.

Next to them was a big pile of gifts for their upcoming holiday office party.

They were so into the holiday spirit that they gift wrapped some of the products being shipped out to customers from the office.

This smiley face, made of Bucky Balls, is just one example of how the staff uses their creativity in the office.

Here is the customer service team.

This dog look familiar? It is the pup from the Cracker Jacks box.

Rick Raven is one of these intrepid Cracker Jacks. He deals with some of the calls for customer service. The number one issue is that people want to know when they will get their stuff. His top priority is making sure people know.

The Future Map is his favourite thing in the office.

But for Fab co-founders Bradford Shane Shellhammer and Jason Goldberg, perhaps their favourite part of the office is the future growth of the company.

Want to check out another awesome art-inspired office?

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