12 Survival Tips For The Office Holiday Party

Now at the peak of the holiday party season, most companies are gathering to celebrate the end of a hardworking year.

“People like to work with people they know, so take this opportunity to let down your hair a little,” Helene Wasserman, an attorney for Littler, an international firm focused exclusively on labour and employment laws, tells Business Insider.

But whatever you do, don’t treat your colleagues like they’re your college buddies.

According to Wasserman, it’s not uncommon to get harassment claims around the holiday season. She blames it on the alcohol.

“The best way to survive is to remember that you’re still at work and the rules still apply,” Wasserman says. “If you’re talking to your boss and a drink is in your hand, he’s still your boss.”

We compiled some tips to help you survive your office party — and still manage to keep your job.

Ask about the dress code ahead of time.

You need to find out what the dress code is and stick to it, career coach Barbara Pachter tells Business Insider.

You don't want people talking about what you wore the day or night after the party, she says. Whatever you wear, remember that it's still a business event.

Aside from the company's dress code, don't forget that behaviour and harassment policies still apply -- even if the party is off-site.

Don't eat too much salty, greasy, or sweet foods.

According to the U.S. Department of Labour, these foods make you thirstier, so you'll end up drinking more.

Instead, try to find foods that are rich in starch and protein. They'll stay in your stomach longer and slow down the alcohol entering your bloodstream.

Know your drinking limit.

You need to prepare yourself ahead of time by setting guidelines, whether that's one or two drinks max.

Pachter advises you order a drink you don't like, so that you can nurse it throughout the night.

Don't dance with another employee.

This will definitely spark office rumours. 'If you are dating someone at the company and still keeping it a secret, this is not the time to start dancing romantically, because then everyone will know,' says Pachter.

Don't be the last one to leave the party.

It might be a festive event, but don't make a name for yourself as the company's party animal. Also, try to stop drinking an hour before you leave, says Wasserman.

If you become too intoxicated, find a cab immediately.

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