Off-The-Grid Solar Powered Home Victim Of Sabotage?


A $900,000 solar building in Troy, Michigan that was supposed to be able to independently power itself, and provide enough power to fuel a Tesla Roadster might not be ready for mass adoption. Or it might be the victim of sabotage.

Pipes froze over the winter, causing flood damage in the house, and now some people are trying to gin up the story as a failure of renewable energy. It doesn’t look that way to us.

Detroit News: The city says it was a mechanical problem. University officials heard it differently.

Jeff Biegler, superintendent of parks for the city, said the flooding occurred from a glitch in the heater.

“The system was designed to kick a heater on to keep water from freezing,” Biegler said. “The heater drew all reserve power out of the battery causing the system to back down and the pipes froze.”

Joe Veryser, an associate dean of architecture at the university, said he heard otherwise.

“What I heard repeatedly was that somebody turned off the breaker during the winter and forgot to turn it back on, which caused the pipes to freeze and then break.”

Interesting. We look forward to watching the documentary, “Who killed the solar powered house?”

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