Barry O'Farrell Won't Be Meeting The Royals Today

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge arrive in Australia today. Image: Anthony Phelps – Pool/Getty Images.

Soon-to-be ex-NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell is having an incredible day.

After announcing his resignation as New South Wales Premier earlier today he appeared at the Independent Commission Against Corruption hearing in Sydney and was scheduled to host the royals Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, at the Sydney Opera House later this afternoon.

However SBS reports O’Farrell has pulled out of hosting the royals.

O’Farrell resigned today over a $3000 bottle of wine which was sent to him by Australian Water Holdings executive Nick Di Girolamo after his election win in 2011.

O’Farrell maintains he doesn’t remember receiving the 1959 bottle of Grange, but a hand written thank you note has surfaced. There’s more on that here.

Appearing in the ICAC witness box again today, O’Farrell said he did AWH no favours, and apologised for providing inaccurate information. He said he gave his best recollection of events and admitted he was mistaken.

The reception, welcoming the royals to Australia, was to be co-hosted by Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Marie Bashir AC CVO and O’Farrell at the Opera House later this afternoon.

Whatever problems he might have with his memory that have brought him undone, he won’t ever forget this day.

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