Of the 4.4 million Australian tablet owners who could connect to the data network only one in six do

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Since tablets first hit the Australian market back in 2010 they have wiggled their way into the hands of half the nation’s adult population.

In 2011, tablet sales had reached 1.4 million units and in 2012 annual sales had almost doubled to 2.4 million.

Research by The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) shows that half of all adult Australians used a tablet to access the internet in the six months to May 2014.

But the profile of a tablet user compared to a mobile user is very different. The research shows that only 16% of tablet users connect via a cell network while 38% of users have a 3G or 4G enabled tablet — which means many are using wifi and it’s likely a device which is used indoors.

Only one in six tablet owners have a 3G/4G data plan.

The poor data take up could be because a tablet with 3G/4G connectivity is generally more expensive to purchase and requires a data plan with a mobile service provider to access a 3G/4G mobile network.

Wi-Fi only tablets are owned or used by 55% of adult Australian tablet owners or about 4.4 million people at May 2014. Whereas 38% (3.1 million people) had a 3G/4G enabled tablet, only 1.4 million people (16%) had subscribed to a data plan.

Here are some of the stats.

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