Of Course Gary Busey Is Making Cheapo Ads For Kia Dealerships

gary busey

Put Gary Busey, a bikini-clad model, and a man in a hamster suit in front of a green screen, and you get one fantastically awful regional ad campaign for Kia.

The notoriously kooky D-lister must have done something right on “Celebrity Apprentice”, because some Kia execs decided to make Busey the company’s regional spokesperson for local dealerships in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas 

In the words of the spokesman himself, “I just met the party patrol, and they showed me around town, and I’m going to be here for a while.”

Often kicking off the 15-second spots on either a bizarre tangent, one of his famous Buseyism (K-I-A: Kia Is Awesome!), or a facial tick so explosive that it blows out his neck, these ads are must-sees.

No word yet on what it will take to promote Busey to the position of national spokesperson. We hear Kia is planning on making a Super Bowl ad…

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