OECD Report: ACT Is The Best Region In The Best Country In The World To Live

Aerial view of Canberra, ACT. Photo: Getty Images

If you’re after a high-paying job with great access to services and a safe, pleasant living environment, look no further than the nation’s capital.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) beat NSW, Victoria and 297 other global regions as the best place to live in the world right now.

Australia edged out 34 other nations to be considered the best country in which to live.

The findings were revealed in an interactive online report measuring regional well-being by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The report focused on nine measures to gauge well-being; income, environment, housing, jobs, health, education, safety, access to services and civic engagement.

The ACT’s average income was the highest of any state or territory in Australia and ranked among the top 4 per cent of the 300 global regions identified by the OECD.

Compared across all OECD regions, the ACT is in the top 4 per cent for health, top 4 per cent for civic engagement, top 9 per cent for environment and top 10 per cent for access to services.

The region also fared well for jobs, ranking 1 in Australia and among the top 6 per cent worldwide, with an average employment rate of 71.9 per cent and unemployment rate of just 3.9 per cent.

Western Australia (8.8 points) outranked the ACT (8.5 points) in terms of housing; NSW (7.4 points) and Victoria (7.6 points) fared much worse.

Western Norway, British Columbia and Stockholm ranked competitively with the ACT on the OECD measurements.

Australia beat out Austria, Belgium, Canada and Chile to take top spot in the national rankings.

Indicators such as income (7.3 points), health (9 points), environment (9.5 points), safety (9.8 points) and civic engagement (10 points) pushed Australia above the rest.

You can take a look at how your region fared on the interactive OECD map here.

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