Odell Beckham Jr. is once again in hot water with the Giants over his choice of celebration

If an 0-3 start and rapidly fading season weren’t enough, the New York Giants now seem to be dealing with the aftermath of an Odell Beckham Jr. celebration.

During the Giants’ 27-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3, Beckham caught a touchdown pass and celebrated by getting on his hands and knees, lifting his leg, and pretending to pee like a dog.

While the NFL is now more lenient on celebrations, this one crossed the line, and the Giants were penalised 15 yards.

Here’s the play:

After the game, Giants coach Ben McAdoo would not address the celebration, saying only that he doesn’t like 15-yard penalties.

However, Beckham’s celebration didn’t seem to go over well with Giants owner John Mara, who said in an email to the New York Post that he’s “very unhappy” with Beckham:

“I do not want to get into a discussion about this, but I will say that I am very unhappy with Odell’s behaviour on Sunday and we intend to deal with it internally.”

This would probably not be a big deal if not for the fact that Beckham has gotten into trouble with the Giants before. During a Week 3 game against the Washington Redskins last season, Beckham threw his helmet and hit the kicking net, which then fell on him. During the same game, he later appeared to be crying on the sidelines in frustration. McAdoo said afterward that Beckham needed to control himself better on the sidelines, which Beckham disagreed with.

The next week, Beckham grew frustrated against the Minnesota Vikings during a career-worst performance and drew a penalty for bumping a player and a ref. The Giants reportedly threatened to punish him for further outbursts, though nothing came of the incident.

It’s arguable that Beckham’s talent is worth all of his antics. On Sunday, shortly after being penalised for his celebration, he came back with a spectacular one-handed end-zone grab for his second touchdown of the game. In short, it’s not Beckham’s fault that the Giants lost.

However, it’s also becoming a recurring theme for the Giants — Beckham acts out and the Giants don’t take it well. With the Giants’ season seemingly hanging in the balance, they likely won’t tolerate any more Beckham celebrations that cost them yardage, even if it does put six points on the board.

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