Broncos And 49ers Are The Early favourites To Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos can't air it out

Photo: Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel

The NFL hasn’t had its draft or gone through free agency but that hasn’t stopped sportsbooks from placing odds on teams to win next year’s Super Bowl. And early indication show that gamblers don’t think the Ravens have a good chance of repeating.According to, the Broncos and 49ers are the early favourites to win it all at 7-to-1. The New England Patriots are close behind at 15-to-2. This year’s champions, the Ravens are tied for sixth at 14-to-1.

If you are looking for good value at the bottom of the chart, the Eagles are tempting at 40-to-1 if you think they will find a quarterback and if you think it will take the NFL a little while to adjust to Chip Kelly’s offence. Also, if you think Robert Griffin III can stay healthy all season, the Redskins look good at 30-to-1.

At the other end, they might as well make the Jaguars 1,000-to-1, because they are not winning anything in 2013…

Super Bowl odds

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