Mind-Blowing Things That Are More Likely To Happen Than You Picking A Perfect NCAA Bracket

kentucky bracket lightning

Photo: Illustration by Tony Manfred

The odds of you picking a perfect bracket are almost zero. More specifically, the odds are 35.3 billion to 1 if you pick all the higher seeds, according to the AP. And they are way, way, way higher if you do it by flipping a coin.Here are some things that are more likely to happen:

  1. Your vote deciding the outcome of a presidential election (60 million to 1)
  2. Getting struck by lightning a bunch of times (700,000 to 1 odds that you get struck once in a year)
  3. Getting eaten killed by a shark (~10 million to 1)
  4. Winning the Powerball lottery (~195 million to 1)
  5. Becoming president of the United States (~25 million to 1)
  6. Pretty much everything.

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