This Man Landed 7 Job Interviews By Standing Outside In The Rain For Hours

We’ve written about the crazy stunts people have done to get hired and standing out in the rain until you get sick definitely tops our list. 

After traditional job search methods failed, marketing student Matt Cameron decided to take his chances in the streets, according to his Web site. For several hours in the pouring rain, he stood at two different off-ramps in Spokane, Washington, holding a sign that read, “Hello my name is Matt. I am a part time student looking for a part time job. I have resumes.” Cameron writes on his site:

“I have tried every avenue available from the local newspaper — to online job tools — to actually hitting the street and knocking on doors. Each time my name and resume seem to get lost in the shuffle along with hundreds of others. So, I delved into my knowledge and past experiences with marketing techniques and devised this project.”

According to his Twitter handle, he handed out 4 resumes to drivers on the first day, and a counselor who drove by later emailed him with the links to 23 job openings. 

Standing outside during the bad weather made Cameron sick, but he does have seven interviews lined up for the following week.

Check out the video by KREM 2:

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