We finally got to find out if Facebook's virtual reality headset is worth the crazy hype

Facebook’s $US2 billion purchase is almost coming to fruition: the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is coming in early 2016, and we’ve just used it. Good news: it’s really, really good.

As seen above, we spent Tuesday morning putting the consumer version of the Oculus Rift through its paces. We tended goal as a hockey player; we explored 1930s Antarctica in “Edge of Nowhere;” we explored the futuristic environment known as “Oculus Home.”

If you’re still sceptical about virtual reality, or worried that what you’ve seen so far isn’t up to the quality level you expected, the first consumer version of Oculus Rift should more than convince you. The “screen door effect” that’s often spoken of in reference to VR headsets is nigh imperceptible in the consumer version of the Rift, and worries over “jutter” and blur are unfounded: the consumer version of the Rift is crisp, comfortable, and relentlessly immersive.

Seeing is believing, of course, and the best we can do in that respect is the video above.

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