From Sales To Salinger: Young Financier Writes His First Novel, "Octopus Summer"

Malcolm DorsonMalcolm Dorson, author of Octopus Summer

After three years at Deutsche Bank, Malcolm Dorson was laid off in the bloodbath of January 2009.In between cover letters, informational coffee chats, and interviews, he decided to fulfil his life long dream and complete a manuscript.

“Everyone has a book in them,” he told Business Insider. “This was the perfect time to make it happen.”

He made it back to Wall Street within a few months and managed to self publish his novel less than a year later.

Dorson’s first book, Octopus Summer, is about Callum Littlefield, an immature 17 year old, thrown out of boarding school and banished to a reform school of sorts in his Grandmother’s Gold Coast estate.

“Most of my job is working with numbers and analysing screens,” he told us. “I think that’s a part of why writing is such a refreshing activity for me.”

The book seems like it was a lot of fun to write, too, especially because the protagonist speaks to the reader in the first person.

“I think I have probably witnessed or heard of far less glamorous versions of most of theses scenes. The fun part was exaggerating them and making them fit a storyline.”

The cover of Octopus SummerFrom the cover of Octopus Summer

Choosing a favourite scene is tough, though. He says, “The Callum constantly feels ostracized from his friends and family, which hopefully helps the reader feel like a fellow outsider looking in.”

A favourite line is easy. “It was a stifling July night in Manhattan and I was ready for sex.”

Talk about a hook!

Between getting kicked out of boarding school, spending the summer with a crazy grandmother and an (actually) insane housekeeper, partying, and falling in love, he grows up.

If you’re interested in reading his story, you can buy it here or on your Kindle.

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