10 Marketers Who Nailed It With Hugely Viral Facebook Posts

red bull most facebook likes octoberTwo brands posted about Red Bull’s skydiving stunt.

Photo: Facebook

Sometimes the most effective advertising on Facebook is the free kind. Brands are constantly scrambling to engage users on their walls — these are the 10 most successful examples.Track Social, an analytics firm that monitors 10,000 brands’ social media activity in real time, told us which specific brand-produced Facebook posts got the most likes in October.

So whose branded posts did the best?

While posts related to big marketing campaigns did well, Red Bull actually wasn’t the only company to get massive likes for Felix Baumgartner’s outer space skydiving stunt, sometimes simple posts did better. 

Of course Facebook had a home field advantage with its first ever agency created ad — infamously declaring “Chairs are like Facebook” — one company was able to beat the social media giant with a post that pulls at the heartstrings.

10. McDonald's: 153,049 likes in October. The tried, trusted and familiar can sometimes work well on Facebook. (Total brand Likes are shown at the top of the image, new Likes for the specific posts are at the bottom of the image.)

9. Ferrari: 196,070 likes in October. Yes, sports sponsorships work in social media.

8. Dior: 217,796 likes in October. This post won points because it combines beauty with an extremely unusual image.

7. National Geographic: 220,533 likes in October. NatGeo benefitted from a little bit of ambush marketing here — this was a Red Bull stunt.

6. Walmart: 254,125 likes in October. Polls work. Note the timing: right before Halloween.

5. Disney: 387,700 likes in October. One tactic is to use repurposed content to create shareable memes.

4. Red Bull: 539,610 likes in October. The Baumgartner stunt generated a ton of traditional media headlines too.

3. Subway: 729,412 likes in October. Admit it, it's hilarious.

2. Facebook: 1,025,154 likes in October. (This one seems a bit unfair.)

1. CoverGirl: 1,278,492 likes in October. Human drama + good cause + beauty = viral.

Now check out the 10 most-liked Facebook brand posts of September.

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