Hey Wall Street, If You Still Think Occupy Wall Street Is A 'Fringe' Movement, Check This Out

Occupy London ProtestsEthan Race was one of a group of protestors attempting to march away from St Paul’s Cathederal.

Photo: Yepoka Yeebo / Business Insider

Occupy Wall Street went global this weekend with protests launching in major cities around the world.What started as a few dozen people camping out in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park has become a world-wide craze.

We’ve collected YouTube videos uploaded by protesters all around the world to get a sense of how¬† major cities aired their grievances.

You’ll see that there are definitely differences from place to place (like, from electronic dance parties in Berlin to the crowd singing in unison in South Africa).

However the protests manifested themselves, though, the sentiment was the same across the board. All the occupiers want to see big money out of government, and they want to see the wealth gap narrowed.

Basically, there’s no denying it now, this movement is hardly fringe.

In Tokyo, protesters made it a point to march to Tokyo Electric Power Co., the company that owns the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Rome: this protest had been in the works for months.

But some protesters showed up with Molotov cocktails and it turned violent, Al Jazeera reports

There were about 5,000 demonstrators in Frankfurt on Saturday.

Dubliners protested in front of their Central Bank on Dame street.

2,000 protesters showed up to demonstrate in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Julien Assange was with them.

Occupy Hong Kong protesters are sleeping in front of HSBC Holding Plc's Asia HQ

In Sydney on Saturday, hundreds demonstrated in front of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

4,000 people attended Berlin's occupation kick-off on Saturday.

Montreal's Victoria Square is now housing around 200 protesters in tents.

Johannesburg occupiers protested in front of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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