3 People Are Dead After An Engine Fire On A Cruise Ship

Three people are dead after an engine fire on an Oceania Cruises Ship, according to Cruise Critic.

The dead are one crewmember and two contractors. The fire was confined to the engine room, so none of the passengers were hurt.

“Arrangements are being made for guests and crew to be accommodated at local hotels until transportation to Miami is arranged,” Oceania told Cruise Critic.

The ship, called Insignia, was scheduled for a 10-day cruise. It left San Juan on December 7 and was due to end in Miami on December 17.

A passenger on the ship described to Cruise Critic the scene: “Happened about 9:30 am. Lost power. We left the ship for a while, then went back on. Shortly afterward they decided to get all the passengers off the ship – actually did the muster.”

The St. Lucia News Online said they received earlier confirmation that the three people had been hospitalized, one for smoke inhalation and mild respiratory distress.

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