Here's The Sad State Of Occupy Wall Street's Finances, By The Numbers

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Occupy Wall Street burst onto the scene six months ago with boundless energy, railing against corporate greed and unbridled capitalism in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. But it appears the group is running up against the cold hard reality of economics: With donations ebbing, the group reports that it’s in dire financial straits. Here, a guide to Occupy Wall Street’s shaky finances:$737,000 
Total amount Occupy Wall Street has raised since its inception six months ago

Amount it currently has in its general fund

Weeks before Occupy Wall Street goes broke, according to its leaders

Donations per day in the fall of 2011

Donations for the two-week period ending March 10 

Kitchen costs for the week ending March 7

Total amount spent printing fliers, T-shirts, and documents

Amount spent on New York subway MetroCards

Tea and herbs

Tobacco, rolling papers

Legal costs, including bail money

Amount set aside in a special fund to bail out protesters in the future

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This post originally appeared at The Week. 

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