WOW! Occupy Wall Street Raises $225K

Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Julia La Roche for Business Insider

The growing Occupy Wall Street movement that began in Manhattan’s Financial District and quickly spread nationwide with satellite versions popping up in other cities has a boatload of money now. [via @jennregen]The movement has raised $225,000 in less than a month, CNN reported.

Occupy Wall Street has secured $150,000 in donations.  Separately, the movement has raised $75,000 for its newspaper publication The Occupied Wall Street Journal. 

A Finance Working Group member from Occupy Wall Street told CNN that the donations were made through two websites — and

The money is being kept in the Lower East Side Credit Union and Amalgamated Bank near Occupy Wall Street’s headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

Last week, a finance guy told us they were also collecting money from collection buckets at the Occupy Wall Street camp site at Zuccotti Park.

He told us the money was going “to start rolling in.” 

Looks like he was right.

As far as expenses, Occupy Wall Street has spent $30,000 to $40,000, the finance working group member told CNN.

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