PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street Storms The Upper East Side

Occupy Wall Street Millionaires March©GeneTaylor 2011

Yesterday, Occupy Wall Street, in conjunction with a number of New York City progressive advocacy organisations, took a walk through the Upper East Side to visit some of the richest businessmen in the city.The marchers started on the southeast corner of Central Park, and moved northeast to the homes of Rupert Murdoch, David Koch, Howard Milstein, Jamie Dimon, and John Paulson.

At each stop, a speaker used the human microphone to explain who each homeowner was, how much money they had, and what exactly they did that the protesters should be so upset about.

The march started around 12:30 PM and lasted til around 4 PM. And as you can imagine, there were cops everywhere.

The pictures were taken by photographer Gene Taylor, who graciously let us run his pictures. His personal page is here.

The marchers came together on 59th and 5th starting around noon

As usual, there was a cast of characters. This protester dragged his owner, a nurse, to the march.

A number of people were carrying around these huge checks. provided marchers with these signs.

But most were still homemade.

Press from all over the world were interviewing protesters.

At first there were more press than protesters, but by 12:30, the crowd was HUGE.

After a few short speeches, it was time to leave the park...

...and take their demands with them.

It should be noted that the protesters were young and old.

But everyone kept up the pace as the marchers moved up 5th Avenue.

First stop! Rupert Murdoch's house.

The 5th avenue tour bus riders were eating it up.

After a bit, the crowd started moving east, taking up avenues at a time. I didn't think it was possible, but even more press showed up.

The crowd was huge, so the cops helped the marchers cross the street.

I noticed a lot of people watching from windows.

And the protesters got support from people in cars, like this lady.

And this guy in his Benz.

Finally, we made it to Park Avenue.

Where there were even more cops waiting.

Next stop, David Koch's house.

Naturally all this noise was getting a lot of attention. Some people were upset.

Others were just having a normal day.

And then there were the serious looking guys that looked like security, but definitely weren't cops. When I asked the cops about them, they wouldn't answer.

The last stop was John Paulson's house, the crowd had to move back south for that.

There were more police at his townhouse than ANYONE else's.

After that, the crowd headed back to where they came from. Some went home, and others went back down to Zuccotti Park

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