We've Seen A Lot Of Protests, But Occupy Wall Street's March On Bank Of America Was By Far The Most Hilarious

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Today Occupy Wall Street did a march on major banks to deliver letters they had received for bankers from the 99%. They split into groups and went to Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.The campaign is called Occupy The Board Room, and the protesters had 600 letters in hand that they planned to read, or fold into paper aeroplanes, and throw at the top floor offices. They also said that they would perform singing telegrams.

The banks were ready, they’ve been preparing security for this for days. (See: Morgan Stanley)

We, here at Business Insider, went to Bank of America with the protesters, and were not ready. At least, not for the sheer hilarity of this protest. There were protesters dressed as pirates riding in car-sized ships, Robin Hood and Little John made an appearance, and the protesters unveiled a humongous letter from the 99% written in old script.

Think about it: This is a war of public opinion. If Occupy Wall Street had gone to the banks aggressively (as the banks were clearly prepared for them to do), they would lose the support from the American people that they have been trying so hard to gain.

This protest was a win, it showed the protesters could be civil, and even funny, when going into enemy territory. 

In the words of one of the speakers: “We do not intend to get arrested or do nasty things. We just want to tell our stories.”

On the other side, Goldman Sachs taking $5,000 away from a local credit union for supporting Occupy Wall Street — that’s an example of a loss.

Maybe it’s time for Lloyd Blankfein to go to work in a tutu.

When we got to the New York Public Library, there was a big crowd assembled.

All ages, obviously.

This guy told everyone that they would be delivering letters — in a very civil manner.

The group was going to split up into two groups.

We think it's so that they can cover more ground and less people get arrested in chaos.

We went with the one heading to Bank of America first.

Then the march started, lots of singing and NEW chants.


It was an entire armada!

The cops were totally caught off guard.

They even had a plank!

Their weapons were fake, don't worry.

Obviously, bystanders went nuts taking pictures.

And then we got to Bank of America Tower.

The cops were waiting and the crowd had grown.

The bankers crowded to the windows.

Some people were not amused.

The pirates came bearing a letter.

And it was humongous— from a member of the 99%.

This guy announced that it was time to make paper planes to get letters to the top floor of the building.

Somehow, the pirates knew how to make paper aeroplanes, even though there were no planes in their time.

The crowd got ready.

And then they flew!

The protesters asked if they could help clean up, and this cop used the human mic to say they could, as long as they stayed outside the barrier.

The crowd got ready to move on to the next bank.

The stragglers had interesting signs.

And this was the aftermath.

These execs did not pick up the letters. Nor were they amused.

Now let's see what happened when Pete Seeger joined the protesters on the Upper West Side.

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