Police Link DNA Left At An Occupy Wall Street Protest To An 8-Year-Old Murder

video surveillance occupy wall street sarah foxVideo cameras in the subway captured Occupy Wall Streeters chaining emergency exits during the March protest

Photo: NBC 4 New York

DNA from a chain left behind after an Occupy Wall Street subway station protest in March gave police the biggest break they’ve had yet in the 8-year-old murder of a 21-year-old Juilliard student, according to an NBC News 4 exclusive..Sarah Fox was found naked and strangled in Inwood Hill Park in May 2004. At the time, investigators found DNA left on Fox’s pink CD player, which was recovered in the woods near the crime scene.

Police recently found similar DNA on a chain protestors used in March to lock emergency gates at the Beverly Road subway station in East Flatbush.

Police have not yet been able to link the matching DNA samples to a person nor can they definitively say the same person who left the chain murdered Fox in 2004, according to NBC.

No one was arrested after the March protests.

Despite the lack of a suspect, the DNA discovery represents a major break in Fox’s murder.

“You’ve got the same DNA left at two distinct sites,” Dr. Lawrence Koblinsky, an expert at John Jay College of Criminal Justice told NBC. “Until they find the individual who left that DNA, we won’t know. But the likelihood is high the person who left that DNA on the CD player is the killer of Sarah Fox.”

Police initially suspected Dimitry Sheinman killed Fox but he was never charged. However, he still remains a person of interest.

Watch NBC 4 New York’s exclusive report:

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