Dear Upper East Siders, Here's What The Protesters Are Chanting Outside Your House

Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Julia La Roche for Business Insider

The non-violent Occupy Wall Street protests taking place in Manhattan’s Financial District are currently marching through the Upper East Side.They’re calling it the “NYC Billionaires Walking Tour,” and they had a live video feed broadcasting visiting the apartments of rich people.

The protesters are expected to visit the homes of hedge fund billionaire John Paulson, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and JPMorgan’s chief executive Jamie Dimon.

Now what was once a small group of college age kids camping out in Zuccotti Park has swelled to a massive movement with copycat versions popping up in cities nationwide. 

As a result, the marches are no longer just a couple hundred, but thousands with their chants and cheers resounding and they’re all over the Upper East Side today.

Speaking of their chants and cheers, they’re extremely catchy. 

We. Are. The 99 per cent! We. Are. The 99 per cent!

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