How Occupy Wall Street Protesters Followed Up Their Victory Over The City

Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Robert Johnson

The intensity had lifted from Zuccotti Park by mid-morning as most protesters slept or released some unspent energy after the morning’s near eviction.If nothing else, today’s threat seemed to galvanize the protesters and instill some direction that had been missing before they banded together and fought the city.

The intensity of conviction is unbelievable. No one there doubts that the system is inherently out-of-whack and after this mornings outpouring of support, many feel validated.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to bring opportunity back to America,” one protester said. “”What choice do we have?”

This morning's threat against the protest definitely brought some organisation

There are now as many cleaning supplies as there is food

And buckets

And brooms

Food donations continue to pour in

Bagels and cream cheese for everyone to keep their strength up

The 'Men's Undies' basket, however, is decidedly bare

Medical supplies seemed well stocked and provisioned

Crates of dry clothes are also available

There are a few generators for everyone to keep their cell phone charged

There is a sukkah tent for use during the Jewish festival of Sukkot

When you see the Major smiling, things are probably going pretty smoothly for the police

Everyone else is pissed

From union workers

To students

To unemployed workers

Anti-corporate sentiment is abundant

But the anger is also directed politically and socially

Most of us that work in the city can relate to this sign

This large papier mache bull-horn is meant to imply the protesters will be heard

When not protesting, sleeping, or eating some permanent campers try to have some fun

These two are waving the flag to the incessant beat of about a dozen drums

The Anonymous presence is minimal, but constant

But today at about 11 a.m. many people only wanted to sleep

Crashed out anywhere they could find a space

Though it must be difficult with the noise and strangers walking around taking pictures

If they can exist like this, it's likely only winter will drive them away

In the meantime Zuccotti Park is largely filled with Americans sick of losing what it used to mean to be an American. This man stood on the corner reading the Constitution out loud.

The calm today is the product of the victory over police Friday morning

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