Obama Has Even Lost The 'Occupy Wall Street' Crowd

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

If President Obama is hoping that his support of the Occupy Wall Street movement will help his reelection chances he may want to take a look at this poll.The New York Times reports on a poll done by a Fordham University political science professor that reveals what some have long suspected: Occupy Wall St. is mainly made up of (very) disgruntled Obama supporters.

Check out these numbers.

60 per cent of those surveyed said they voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and about three-quarters now disapprove of Mr. Obama’s performance as president. A quarter said they were Democrats, but 39 per cent said they did not identify with any political party. Eleven per cent identified as Socialists, another 11 per cent said they were members of the Green Party, 2 per cent were Republicans and 12 per cent say they identified as something else.

Emphasis mine. 

Those are brutal numbers. And suggest that essentially what we are seeing with the Occupy Wall St. movement is 2008’s unprecedented youth support for Obama grown bitterly cynical.  

That Obama can win back that support with any gesture seems unlikely, but he’s certainly going to have to do a great deal more than throw obscure 99% references into phone calls by his advisers.

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