UPDATE: This Tweet From An Obama Appointee Suggests Oakland Police Went Too Far

As rumours circulate about yesterday’s Occupy Oakland evacuation it is the simple pictures and tweets that offer a glimpse into the heart of a delicate situation. The park had gotten out of control, but did the police really need to exercise such force?

The following quote is a retweet from someone helping one of the many children from the park. The authorities knew of the kids’ presence, and while the parents are at fault for not getting them out, their presence should have been considered. This is what happens when an adult gets hit with a rubber bullet.

While Van Jones has caused his share of controversy, he’s a Yale graduate, has been on The New York Times best seller list, and is a President Obama appointee.

Oakland tweet

Photo: @vanjones68

Business Insider staff member Jill Klausen called out to Van Jones to see where he was getting this quote and this was VJ’s reply:

Van Jones tweet

Photo: twitter

So, there you have it. And while we’re pulling in potentially biased sources (to counter the bias from official sources) — check out this Daily Kos post about the official police response and the accompanying pics.

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