Occupy London Protest May Be Evicted Through Legal Action

Occupy London Protests

Photo: Yepoka Yeebo / Business Insider

The City of London Corporation is apparently considering legal action against the Occupy London protesters if they refuse to abandon their camp in front of St Paul’s cathedral, reports The Independent. Representatives of the corporation have said that though they support the right of people to demonstrate peacefully, they cannot accept London being turned into a campsite. The possibility of court action is currently being investigated by the British Planning and Transport Committee.

The revelation comes as the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has also called for the protesters to move on.

The BBC reports that Johnson believes demonstrators have made their point and that now they serve as a disruption. St Paul’s cathedral has been closed since last week, and is reportedly losing £20,000 a day. Officials from the church are continually asking the protesters to leave.

However, bringing a twist to the saga is the news this morning that the Chancellor of the Cathedral, Rev. Dr. Giles Fraser has said he would resign from his position if the protesters were ousted.

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