Occupy London Wants You To Buy Records To Support Them

Occupy London may be down, but it has a new trick up its sleeve.

The Guardian reports that the movement’s organisers launched a music label on Tuesday in an attempt to harness the goodwill of artists supporting the movement, as well as to give the movement a sound financial base.

Occupation Records is already working hard on the first of four albums — Folk the Banks — scheduled to launch on February 15. As the title suggests, it will be a folk music album. 

“Folk makes sense because it’s traditionally the music of protest,” Adam Jung, an American activist from the US who came up with the idea for the label, told the Guardian. “It’s the music of the people.”

The 17-track album includes tracks by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Billy Bragg, Anaïs Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Sam Duckworth, and Chumbawamba and will be run using a crowd-funding model.

Here’s footage from the album from the Guardian: