Occupy Chicago Protestors Dumped Garbage From A Foreclosed House In Front Of A Bank Of America

Occupy Chicago” and similar groups have been materialising in the Windy City.

Protesters have been calling for an end to corporate greed and money in politics, demanding their right to have a job, calling for higher pay for teachers while bemoaning a broken education system, protesting Congress (the one in Washington), fulfilling a self-proclaimed “religious imperative,” and other protesters are seemingly just celebrating their right to zone out in a drum-banging, trancelike march.

On Monday, thousands in the “Stand Up Chicago” movement, inspired by but not officially affiliated with Occupy Wall Street, marched in downtown Chicago tying up rush-hour traffic for hours, according to the Chicago Tribune.

NBC Chicago reports that “Occupy Chicago” joined community groups and local unions to target financial events throughout the city Tuesday,  including a conference of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Sixteen of the 20-one protesters arrested by Chicago Police Tuesday were apprehended at the conference according to the Chicago Tribune.

Five other women aged 55 to 80 from the “Action Now” group were also arrested Tuesday, after they took garbage from a foreclosed home owned by Bank of America and dumped it in one of the bank’s branches.

Police said that both groups of those arrested at the Bank of America branch and at the conference, were facing charges of misdemeanour trespassing.This post originally appeared at The Blaze.

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