11 Excellent Twitter Accounts For Following The Protests In Hong Kong

As Hong Kong gears up for its second straight night of major protests, there’s no better platform than Twitter to see moment-by-moment images and analysis of what’s going on.

We’ve been following two great Twitter lists that you can subscribe to. One is this one from @aimoneale. Also, Andrew Peng has put together an excellent list of journalists and others covering the protest.

Some of the accounts that have been particularly helpful include:

@endacurran — WSJ reporter.

@cloudyip — Hong Kong economics reporter.

@tesaarcilla — TV reporter.

@stegersaurus — WSJ.

@schmp_news — official account of the South China Morning Post newspaper.

@globalsolidHK — Twitter account tracking the global response to the protests.

@klustout — CNN anchor.

@joshTANoble — FT

@carmen_NgKaMan — Digital journalist

@frostyhk — Bloomberg.

@feliciasonmez — AFP reporter covering the Beijing perspective.

@amietsang — FT

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