Obtract: Become More Productive By Wandering Through Mazes

Are you a well intentioned busy bee plagued by a lack of focus? Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a legit case of ADHD, or you’ve been plainly labelled “scatterbrain”, Obtract may be just the solution for properly channeling your concentration.

A newly released app for Mac users, Obtract tracks and reduces “digital distractions” by collecting your behavioural data to compute your most common diversions. The app measures your daily activities to determine where the bulk of your time is allotted—Facebook? Twitter? Browsing WonderHowTo?—doling out pop-up notifications and obstacle mazes whenever you need to be jarred back into work-mode.

It is indeed a computer game of sorts: Every hour, you will be allowed five minutes on a “time-wasting” site. Once you’ve run out of time, you’ll be blockaded with difficult mazes before you can continue browsing. And if that doesn’t work, maybe the “shame game” will—Obtract also offers the option to participate as a group, so you and your co-workers can make a concerted effort for team efficiency.

Ready to test-drive? Download for free here.

Via Obtract: Become More Productive by Wandering Through Mazes on WonderHowTo.

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