17 Gorgeous Images Of The 'Oblivion' Landscape

tom cruise oblivion landscape

Critics may not be sold on Tom Cruise’s latest Hollywood blockbuster “Oblivion” but it’s pretty unanimous that director Joseph Kosinski delivered another gorgeous world in his followup to 2011’s “Tron: Legacy.”

The crew filmed in eight locations ranging from California to Iceland to capture some of the movie’s breathtaking landscapes to make a desolate Earth look both barren and majestic at the same time.

Kosinski told the Los Angeles Times he set out to depict a world that looked ravaged by war but full of light feeling black holes and space have become ubiquitous in the science fiction genre ever since the late ’70s. 

“‘Alien’ put sci-fi into the darkness — in the hulls of ships, dark planets, always seeming to be night,” said Kosinski. “I was interested in inverting that, shooting a daylight film.”

As Cruise said in a featurette for the film, the result is a haunting beauty.

Director Joseph Kosinski set out to do a daytime sci-fi film since he believes so many films in the genre focus on darkness.

Kosinski says he set out to depict the Earth the way it looked a million years ago.

(Source: IMDBpro)

Many of the ground scenes were shot in California's Mono County at Mammoth and June Lakes.

(Source: IMDBpro)

Here's concept art of Cruise's character Jack Harper with his Bubble Ship.

A lot of the film's gorgeous scenes took place in Iceland where the crew filmed for 10 days.

In Iceland, the crew filmed on top of volcanoes, cloud formations, and during sunrises and sunsets.

Those images were then projected on set to appear as natural lighting ...

... and create the illusion of life in the sky.

Here's another shot of the sky tower Cruise calls home in the film. Kosinski wanted it to appear 3,000 feet above the ground in the clouds.

A lot of landmarks are included in the film. The Icelandic Highlands were used to film Cruise riding his Moto Bike past old ships.

The Pentagon is seen with a giant crater in its centre.

The observation deck of the Empire State Building was built into a hillside in Iceland. Flashback scenes in the film were filmed earlier on the 86th floor.

And the Statue of Liberty is now at home in a beautiful Cruise flies through on his Bubble Ship.

Though Kosinski set out to deliver a sci-fi film in the daylight, the set looks just as gorgeous at night.

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