White House Already Granting Exemptions To Obamacare All Over The Place

obama, july 2010

Photo: The White House via Flickr

The Obama administration is already carving out exemptions to Obamacare, in order to allow some employers (like McDonald’s) to provide very minimal coverage to employees, far below the law’s standards.According to NYT, the administration has already granted 30 such waivers to various organisations.

The administration is already having to deal with private insurers who say they will scale back their coverage if they can’t get flexibility on laws that compel them to cover every sick child.

Obamacare — which could be loosely characterised as a scheme to compel the private sector to cover everyone — is going to fail. It’s hardly begun, and they’re already granting exemptions.

There are two ways it could be fixed. It could be repealed completely, or it could become full-on nationalized, Canada-style healthcare.

At one point it seemed inevitable that after a few years, it would become the latter, and that Obamacare was obviously just the first step towards that. But the way politics has gone sharply in the direction of the first possibility. If the GOP has two good Congressional elections (2010 and 2012) and takes the Presidency in 2012, it might get eliminated completely.

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