Support For Obamacare Has Skyrocketed Since The Supreme Court Ruling

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Support for President Barack Obama’s signature health care legislation has spiked in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the law as constitutionalA new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that support for the law jumped 5 points overall in the two days following the Supreme Court’s decision. 40-eight per cent of registered voters now support the law, compared with 52 per cent that do not. And among Independent voters, support exploded by 11 points. 

However, poll results suggest that Obama and Democrats still have a lot of work to do to convince voters about the legislation. Even with the 9-point leap, Independents still overwhelmingly oppose the law — 38 per cent are in favour to 62 per cent against. That’s down from before the oral arguments in the Supreme Court in March, when 40 per cent of Independents supported the law.  

The poll comes in conjunction with a Rasmussen poll released Sunday that showed declining approval ratings for the Supreme Court overall. Among those surveyed, 28 per cent said the Supreme Court was doing a bad job, an 11-point increase from the previous week. 

But the Reuters/Ipsos poll suggests that among swing voters, the win provided a boost for Obama.

“This is a win for Obama. This is his bill. There’s not really any doubt in people’s minds, that it belongs to him,” said Julia Clark, vice president at Ipsos Public Affairs. “It’s his baby. It’s literally been labelled ‘Obamacare’ … which maybe it works in his favour now that there’s a little bit of a victory dance going on.”

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