Obamacare Support Plunges To An All-Time Low In Another Poll

A new CNN-ORC International poll today finds that just 35% of Americans support the Affordable Care Act with 62% opposing it. This is a nine point swing from CNN’s November poll when 40% supported it.

40-two per cent say the health law will make them personally worse off while 16% say it will help them. Even greater percentages (63%) say Obamacare will personally increase their medical costs.

However, not everyone opposed to the law favours the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” position. Fifteen per cent oppose Obamacare because they would like to replace it with a more liberal alternative. That means that half the country either supports the law or supports a more liberal version of it. 40 three per cent believe the law is too liberal.

These numbers come after a rough couple of months for Obamacare. The launch of healthcare.gov was catastrophic and Obama was forced to backtrack and apologise for his “if you like your plan, you can keep it” broken promise. Just last week, the administration delayed the individual mandate for a year for anyone whose health insurance was cancelled.

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