Why The Ongoing Republican Effort To Repeal Obamacare Is Actually A Shrewd Political Calculation

APHouse Republicans are gearing up on Thursday to hold at least their 37th vote on repealing at least part the Affordable Care Act, which will soon be implemented across the country.

Like the past three-dozen or so votes, this one has been viewed with scepticism toward the House Republicans. And there are questions whether another vote to repeal “Obamacare” will hurt the GOP’s so-called “rebranding” effort. 

But Republicans argue, correctly, that repealing Obamacare aligns with what the majority of the American people still say they want. The GOP is playing to an American public that is still largely sceptical of and confused about President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement. 

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last month, four in 10 Americans still don’t know that Obamacare is the law of the land and that it is being implemented. 

That likely contributes to their scepticism and their desire to at least have it altered, if not repealed in its entirety. According to the same poll, 53 per cent of Americans said they approved of efforts to change or repeal the law — which is what House Republicans are doing on Thursday.

If the GOP decided to go further and attempt to defund implementation of the law, as some of its more conservative members have suggested, that’s where the party would likely find itself on shaky political ground. By nearly a 2-to-1 margin, respondents to the Kaiser poll said that they disapproved of any possible attempts to cut off funding.

Here’s a chart that outlines those numbers:

Obamacare poll

In case there was any doubt, the White House threatened that Obama would veto such legislation if he were presented with it. 

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