GOP lawmaker uses bizarre goat metaphor for Obamacare while arguing for repeal

The debate over Obamacare’s future is getting a little wild.

During the debate over a budget resolution that would move forward the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, Rep. Drew Ferguson of Georgia used a colourful metaphor for what the law has done to the country.

He said the “need for this process” could be explained by a goat getting into his house.

“A little over six years ago i lived in a pretty decent house,” Ferguson said. “And one day I heard a knock on the door and before I knew it my colleagues form the other side of the aisle had let a goat loose in my house.”

This appeared to refer to the passage of the ACA, which took roughly two years from the time Obama took office. The bill was passed in 2010.

“Now for six years, that goat has been messing and destroying my house,” Ferguson continued.

Republicans have been citing the increasing premiums and deductibles as a reason the ACA is not working, which could be interpreted as the goat messing up the house. On the other hand, Democrats have cited the more than 20 million people who have gained access to healthcare and the fact that total spending on healthcare in the US has been increasing at the slowest rate in 50 years.

“I want to renovate my house, but before I can I have to get the goat out of the house before it does any more damage,” Ferguson said. “It makes no sense to start fixing up my house until we get the goat out.”

Certain members of the GOP and Democrats are concerned that repealing the ACA before having a replacement would be disruptive to those that have insurance through the law or could increase the federal deficit. Ferguson is arguing that the ACA (the goat) has to be repealed (kicked out of the house) before the repairs (a replacement for the ACA) can begin.

“Voting for the fiscal year ’17 budget resolution gets this goat out of the house,” Ferguson concluded. “Mr. Speaker, make no mistake we must renovate out house, we must undo the Affordable Care Act…”

So there you have it: the House will vote to kick the goat out (or at least the first past of that process) later in the day.

Check out the goat speech here:

 (h/t Dan Diamond)

This is like the GOAT of all Obamacare metaphors.
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) January 13, 2017

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