The Supreme Court's Conservative Wing Is Pissed About A Federal Power Grab

Antonin Scalia

Photo: Getty

Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and Samuel Alito are not happy about the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the heart of Obamacare.And they’re letting everyone know it in a blistering dissent.

As to be expected, they opposed the insurance mandate, contending it wrongly regulates some Americans’ failure to maintain coverage.

But failure is not commerce, meaning Congress has no power over it, they said.

“One does not regulate commerce that does not exist by compelling its existence,” the dissent stated.

The three conservative justices and the one swing-voter bash Congress for trying to overstep its power, saying the government can’t “regulate all private conduct.”

While the high court has long given Congress leeway when it comes to taxing and spending, the government has taken things too far, according to the dissent.

The four unhappy justices pointed out that the federal government has gotten so big that it has created departments for areas it was never meant to regulate, like education and housing.

But for some justices, one dissent just wasn’t enough. Check out Thomas’ individual dissent as well as Kennedy’s individual dissent >

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