Here Are More Details On Obama's Secret Hedge Fund Meeting At The White House


Photo: mediajorgenyc via Flickr

Earlier this month, it was revealed that President Obama had summoned top hedge fund honchos to Washington as part of his campaign to win back Wall Street.Now the The White House has revealed the full list of attendees, and there were at least 30 guests, many of whom represented a broad cross-section of the Street.

In March, Obama called Wall Street bigwigs to the White House, where they met in the Blue Room and talked about the recovery, the deficit and hedge fund regulation.

We knew Eric Mindich was there; so was Paul Tudor Jones, Jamie Dinan and Glen Dubin. Robert Wolf, CEO of UBS Group Americas was there too.

Other major Wall Street power players that were also there, according to the just published list, include head of JP Morgan’s investment bank, Jes Staley, and Jon Corzine, the head of MF Global and former CEO of Goldman Sachs, according to Politico. Staley seems to have officially replaced Jamie Dimon as Obama’s BFF on the Street…

Not surprisingly, Marc Lasry, CEO of Avenue Capital and longtime Democratic donor, was there. Brian Mathis, a partner of Provident Group and Longship Capital Management, and Rick Schifter, a partner at TPG Capital, made the trip too. So did Mark Gallogly, co-founder of Centerbridge Partners and formerly the head of private equity at Blackstone.

One attendee told Politico, “There was a lot of concern about the markets and how so far we’ve avoided disaster, but we’re really not out of the woods here. All I remember was very substantive stuff about what to do with economy [and] markets, how to get jobs growing — good solid policy stuff.”

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