President Obama Watched Live Video Of Bin Laden Raid As It Happened

President Obama watched live video of the raid on Bin Laden’s compound yesterday, a source tells us.

In operations like this, our source says, soldiers and pilots often carry helmet cameras, and screens in situation rooms can carry live images from all of them.

In a press conference this afternoon, head of counter-terrorism John Brennan said Obama’s reaction when Bin Laden was killed was “We got him.”

Here’s a remarkable photo from the White House situation room during the raid:

obama, may 1, 2011

[credit provider=”White House via Flickr” url=””]

We doubt the US will release video or photos of the Bin Laden raid, but in this age of Wikileaks, anything’s possible.

In lieu of the actual video, here’s a scene from Patriot Games in which “Jack Ryan” (Harrison Ford) and others watch the progress of a covert operation from thousands of miles away:

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