Obama Withholds From criticising NLRB In Boeing Case, But Says Company Should Be Free To Move

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

President Barack Obama today addressed the ongoing dispute between the National labour Relations Board and Boeing. He did not bend to Republican pressure to criticise the independent agency for trying to prevent the opening of the aerospace giant’s new South Carolina factory.

“Companies need to have the freedom to relocate, and they also need to follow the law,” Obama said in a press conference. “What defies common sense would be a notion that we would be shutting down a plant or laying off workers because labour and management can’t come to a sensible agreement.”

This is not what the unions, or the NLRB, hoped he would say. Avoiding having to weigh in on the side of unions,a key Democratic constituency, and said a final decision on the plant is best left up to a federal judge.

Obama is in a tough spot over the ongoing court case. Two senior administration officials served on Boeing’s board.

In a mild rebuke to labour, Obama added “we can’t afford to have labour and  management fighting all the time, at a time when we’re competing against Germany and China and other countries that want to sell goods all around the world.” 

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